Friday, May 1, 2015

Got a wierd feeling when I saw someone had made "my invention". #inventors and #designers will understand.

OK, so this was wierd…  a few months ago I tweeted about and idea for an invention I came up with quite a long time ago. A set of robots which could manoeuvre under the wheels of a car and lift the car to shunt it to a better parking space.

My idea was that they could be used to correct that problem where one extra wide car or person parking badly causes everyone who parks beside them to park badly and perpetuates until enough spaces are free that things can return to normal.

I mean, how many times have you seen people on the internet complaining about people parking poorly? Theyu are the drivers we love to hate. Often poeple will leave nasty notes or sometimes, or in some extreemes resort to defacing the poorly parket car in question. I always think; "what if it wasn't that cars fault? Maybe it was the car in the park next to them that forced them to park that way and now that other car has left?".

Anyway, it's one of those invention ideas you have by you know you are never going to do anything about it because it's not your best idea, it's not commercially viable ot you don't have the resources to make it happen.

But you want to know whats really weird? When someone else has the exact same idea and produces the product, then you randomly stumble on it one day on the internet.

To be clear, I don't believe someone randomly saw my tweet and then made the product, it would have taken far too long to develop. It's just a bizarre felling to see "your invention" made real by someone else.

This is almost exactly how I imagined a set of robots for moving cars would be:


from Andrew Brett

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