Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why does it take so long for attitudes towards Cannabis to change?

Cannabis is a plant that can be used to get high. Sure, there's that, but it can do much more as you will see in the video below. Most adults (I know) have at tried it and therefore are aware that it's no big deal. I am never afraid to admit to the fact that I have smoked Marijuana in the past. I was young, it was fun. I grew out of it. Some of my friends also grew out of it and some still partake. So what? I have seen many more harmful effects from abuse of alcohol than from "weed". I, as a non smoker don't wish to impose my will on these who enjoy it and I see more danger to my children by keeping it underground.

Cannabis plants growing at the village of Kalopani, Nepal.

from Andrew Brett

#Fomula1 new technologies, rules and power units explained in 3 great videos

Here are three great videos which show how the rules for furmula 1 cars have changed for the 2014 season. They give you a look inside the cars with some great 3D views which show how the new power units (motors) in furmula one cars now work.

Video 2014 rule changes explained

Andrew Brett

Thursday, April 24, 2014

iPhone 5s video quality vs Cannon EOS 550D

What happens when you give a Canon 550D and and iPhone 5S to two inexperienced camera operators?

Here is a short video comparison between the Canon 550D video capture and the iPhone 5S video capture. I love the iPhone 5S and wanted to see if I could do away with the Canon 550D altogether and rely entirely on my iPhone 5S for quality video.

from Andrew Brett

Life is like a cup of coffee

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Free CMYK colour swatch printing chart download

CMYK colour swatch free dowload

If you're looking for a CMYK colour swatch to print so that you can control which colours are output on your printer, feel free to download this CMYK colour swatch chart.

from Andrew Brett