Sunday, June 14, 2015

My son's latest video about learning German, a departure from his video game vids #youtube #youtube @swordsprite

My Son normally likes to make video games videos for youtube like minecraft videos (here) or retro video games like this one about playing pitstop on an atari 2600.

Last weekend he departed from video games and decided to make a video showing basic German words. It's not that easy to understand, but he knows he needs to work on that. He hasn't really found what he wants to do appart from "make youtube videos". That's what he aspires to and I support him 100%.

He appreciates every 'like' he gets and jumps up and down with excitement when people subscribe, he has a good heart and just want's to make youtube videos which help people. Perhaps thats why his latest idea is to teach a bit of German. He is trilingual so if you want to learn a few basic German words please check out his latest video:


from Andrew Brett

Nutcase video of guys/gals riding on motorbikes while standing up #insane

Where can I watch a nutcase video of guys/gals riding on motorbikes while standing up? Here I guess...

Ok. Standing on top of a motorbike instead of riding it looks cool, and it IS a well made video, but it's damn stupid. Yes you might get a few million youtube hits but you could just as easily get a free trip to heaven.

Sigh, I guess I'm just adding to the demand by sharing this, oh well, I can't deny that there is skill and guts involved.

If you want to watch people standing on motorbikes, here it is. Beautiful or stupid? You decide.

from Andrew Brett

Friday, June 5, 2015

S.E.O. is dead. How to stop worrying about your Google rank and get things done.

SEO is dead

S.E.O is dead. OK, it's not dead, not at all, but for many people there are other things they might be better able to spend their time on that could reap more results.

This is a workshop/presentation for start-ups and small and medium sized businesses. This is to be a workshop for people who are in many different types of business and different skill/experience levels. It is designed to be a group project so that those who have knowledge can help out others.

Sorry for any spelling errors. I am uploading this quick for people who are interested in this as a resource and don't quite have time to to give it the final once over.

from Andrew Brett

Monday, June 1, 2015

the difference between an agry person with or without #guns.

Guns. It’s not about protecting yourself from bad guys with guns. The problem is, with easy access to guns, good guys can turn bad at the flip of a switch. I'm a bit of a hot head and I suffer from depression. It would scare me what would I would have done <to myslef> if I had had acess to guns...

Godd gouy with or without gun meme

from Andrew Brett