Thursday, February 27, 2014

#Pepsi's new #viral video. If I was the victim, someone would get punched in the face. With a brick.

Cringe and horror. Kudos to Pepsi for nailing the viral nature of this video. Just to prove the last video they made wasn't fake. And now the question will arise: Is Pepsi's new non fake viral video a fake? I fear I would not have been so such a good sport.

from Andrew Brett

Seamless relationship outsourcing. Get the #BroApp #thatsjuststupid

Sometime I just post because I lol. The Bro app video certainly is funny... and... seems legit. I might download it for fun to see what gives, but I would never unleash it one my wife (#divorce!).

from Andrew Brett

Saturday, February 22, 2014

As a father I love videos like this: Boy freezing at a bustop (youtube)

God versus Science

Not being able to disprove the existence of something is not proof that it exists. It is only proof that it cannot be confirmed or denied.

It is ok to have faith that something not yet proved to exist. It’s ones prerogative to feel an intuitive connection. Scientist should appreciate this because intuition leads to the creating of hypothesis which are the starting blocks of proven science.

It is also reasonable to accept measured and observed proof to gain a definitive understanding of our universe.

Ergo, Arguing against undisproved faith is as asinine as arguing against absolute scientific proof.

What does this mean?

1) God may/may not exist.

2) Dinosaurs did exist and we live on a planet floating in Space.

Deal with it.

from Andrew Brett

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wise words for the internet addict...

How to fix and turn off the toner light on a brother HL-2240D if you know the cartridge is new.

I put a new cartridge in my brother HL-2240D but the light stayed on and I was unable to print. What was the problem? Where is the fix/solution? Eventually brother tech support helped me I can now pass along the solution to getting rid of the toner light if it stay’s on on your brother HL-2240D after you install a new cartridge.

from Andrew Brett

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Amazing 3D printing/ Air Hockey hack proves robots might one day take over.

I have a large format digital printer/plotter and can totally understand the technology involved here. It proves that robots will eventually be (unless we make them otherwise) faster, better and (also) stronger at everything. Nice job, now people can build their own to have a robot opponent for airhocky.

from Andrew Brett

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Amazing collection of Free Sci-Fi stories

Like Science fiction? You’re in good company. Yesterday I stumbled across this collection of short Science fiction stories which you can download free in a variety of file formats. I’m getting this on my iPad lickety-split.

from Andrew Brett

Behind the scenese of Apples new made on iPhone video

This is (I think) better than the original. Yesterday I posted about an Apple celebratory video shot entirely on iPhone and Apple have followed up with a video showing the making of that spot. I will have to remember that aftermarket accessories is another reason I'll have to add to my post about Why you should get an iPhone. Just look at all those iPhone steady cams and booms - cool.

from Andrew Brett

Monday, February 3, 2014

Apple celebratory video shot entirely on iPhone

A beautiful Apple celebratory video of the first 30 years of Mac. I love the way they sum up through imagery the Apple difference, that Apple devices allow us to create, achieve and invent. For me technology should be our tool and not our master. Happy birthday (1.24.14) Mac.

from Andrew Brett

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Doom-like game Developed by the Makers of HALO play it free

In case you didn't know, the makers of the incredibly popular HALO series of video games started by making games on the Mac. Marathon is a first person shooter released around the same time as Doom (ID software), but for the Macintosh. It was famous for among other things, introducing the ability to mouse look. If you want to see their first games you can do that now. Mac (OS X), Windows and Linux, are supported.

Clike to download Marathon, Bungies first big hit:

You can find out more about Marathon on the wiki page here:

from Andrew Brett

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Here’s how to Contour path a text or Object on Illustrator.

Here’s how apple a Contour path a text or Object on Illustrator.

Contour is a Coreldraw term. The more common term is offset. One of the first things a user does when they change from Coreldraw to Illustrator is to look for how to contour text or objects.

from Andrew Brett

How to remove space around a Gavick Pro Joomla template module position

How to remove space around a Gavick Pro Joomla template module position.

I wanted to take out the gap abound a modules position from a Gavick Pro joomla template. As I am not that great with CSS I was hoping for a simple module class suffix that would do the job.

Instead I found that removing the padding from a Gavick Pro template required a bit of custom CSS, but don’t worry rather than asume you have any previous CSS knowledge here is a step by step about how you can remove space around a module in Joomla if you are using a Gavick Pro template and don’t have much technical programming knowledge.

from Andrew Brett

Funny Pic "Why OS X is better than windows"

This pic is because I have been using computers for over twenty years, I know windows inside and out. I don't actually want to hate on Windows it's just that OS X (IMHO) is so much better and whenever I'm asked to explain it, well, the list is too long. I can't be bothered. This Pic says it all.

from Andrew Brett

9 gagger quote of the day goes to anhonestopinion

So I saw this quote and I was quite impressed, anhonestopinion wrote:

It turns out the original quote comes from Steven Weinberg:

Steven Weinberg said: "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

Thanks to 9 gagger anhonestopinion for showing me this gem.

from Andrew Brett