Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Windows 10 Screenshot.

The year is 2019. Microsoft is about to bring out it's latest windows operating system.

In 2009 Microsoft launched Windows 7. Windows 7 was very well received and hailed as the savior of Windows Vistas failings. Three years later Microsoft released Windows 8 and got it right once again. Not wishing to change Windows 7 too much, in Windows 8 Microsoft concentrated on further refining the interface to make it easier an more intuitive.

Following the release of windows 8 in 2012, Microsoft decided to take the step of remodeling/enhancing the desktop. Amongst the changes for Windows 9, the taskbar was given a 3D effect and all icons were updated to a better design/higher resolution.

Windows 9 was released just before the holidays in 2015. Although it was now pretty, easy to use and intuitive, Microsoft still had some tricks up its sleeve. Microsoft embarked on more ambitious changes to completely alter the way the operating system used multi core processors and the power of modern graphics cards. It took four years to completely transform the core (kernal) of Windows 9, but the world is rejoicing once again the imminent release of a new Windows version.

This is an operating system which not only utilises graphics processor cores for other tasks, but will also properly manage multiple cores so that users could actually make use of their modern 16/32 core processors.

For those of you who can't wait for windows 10 or have already pre-ordered it here is something to keep you going until the release day: A screenshot of Windows X (Windows 10): -click to enlarge-