Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why electric car naysayers are wrong. #tsla #Tesla #teslamotors #greencars #electriccar

800px Tesla Model S

Imagine I made a “dogp3player” a kind of mp3 player which only dogs could hear and I started selling it for 500$. How long before the price came down? Never. That’s how long. Because there wouldn’t much demand in the product. Without demand, there is nothing to incentivize other companies to also make the product, ergo there would be no competition. Competition drives prices down as companies compete to make sales by improving the value proposition to the customer. Lower prices often fuel additional demand and companies invest to continually make products better and cheaper in order to make more sales. High demand also allows companies to improve fabrication which can not only lead to cheaper production, it provides the financial resources needed to make a product with less materials, less waste and often less toxic materials.

from Andrew Brett

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pic of a toilet seat decorated in #coffee beans, because, well... #whynot? #wtf

So, if you're in German at Baumarkt for just 19,99€ you can buy a toilet seat adorned with pictures of coffee beans. Now, I like coffee- a lot, but I don't think I would choose to have a toilet seat covered in coffee. It seams Baumarkt disagrees because they have plenty of stock. Either I'm misjudging the market for coffee covered toilet seats, or they´re optimistic.

Toilet seat covered in coffee beans



from Andrew Brett