Thursday, January 29, 2015

A video every #recycling nay-sayer has to watch #environment

We all have to recycle. We HAVE to. There are too many people in this world to be wastefull. End of story. Seperationg your rubbish into different bins is easy and after time, it becomes automatic.

If you run into any nicomppop with some stupid arguement against recycling show them this video. I've been recycling diligently for years know that placstic could be recyled into plastic the palets and then use for new plastic devices. But I did not know this:

from Andrew Brett

Monday, January 26, 2015

Manulo Sanchez (#BookOfLife) is my new favourite #Matador (#Bullfighter)

Manulo Sanzhez from book of life says killing the bull is wrong

(Monolo Snachez the bullfighter refuses to kill bulls in "The Book Of Life")

Bull fighting is wrong. It's not a matter of culture because the torture and murder of innocent beings is not acceptable in anyway. Not for humans. Not for animals. Heck even the abuse of personal rights cannot ever be defended as a matter of culture, yet people still continue to oppress and disadvantage others using culture as an excuse.

Culture is never an excuse for abuse.

from Andrew Brett

Friday, January 23, 2015

#Tesla leaves Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the dust shows why #electriccars are great

When most people watch this video it's easy to see that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat get is ass kicked by the Tesla becuase it fluffed the start. To me this just shows why Tasla cars (an indeed similarly powered electric vehicles) are faster. It's not that the are that much faster when they go up against high powered combustion engines, it's more the direct drive and electric motor make it much easier to get going fast. With a combustion engine you have to rev the engine high enough to get maximum power but not so high that you spin the wheels and loose traction (and therefore loose speed). This is not actually that easy to do. The Tesla on the other hand, doesn't have that problem and although we all love to think that we are great drivers (actually I'm the best in the world!), having a drag race is not easy and most people would end up doing what the Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver did.

I love those Teslas:

from Andrew Brett

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Collaborative Entertainment. Are we at the dawn of a new type of fun? #Microsoft #Hololense

Hololens A new kind of entertainment?Image credit: Wired

Recently (today?) Microsoft unveiled its new sudo holographic technology dubbed HoloLens. I say sudo holographic because it projects an image onto transparent screen which hangs off a headband in front of your eyes. It's probably more augmented reality than holographic. But what do I know? What I really want to say is: it looks like fun.

from Andrew Brett

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hank is that you? #breakingbad

How to add an animated creep to TDTK (by Song tan) for #Unity3D #Tutorial

Adding an animated creep to TDTK in Unity

A guy by the name of Song Tan (Song's blog) has build really nice Tower Defense building starter kit for unity called TDTK. If you've purchased it then you know it makes creating a tower defence game reasonable easy. I didn't have any problems getting creeps into my game, but I did have problems animating them. So here is a guide to adding animated creeps into TDTK.

from Andrew Brett

How the #lego movie was made (#youtube #video) - #everythingisawesome

Was the lego movie made with stop motion and real blocks? Of course not. Here is a video which shows how they made the lego movie:

I always wanted to do one of two things; Either make CG animated movies or work in the video game industry. I spent my life pushing hard to get a break that would allow me to do just that, but alas I never found my way in despite once having the opportunity to work for Electronic Arts (on contract). I just couldn't turn it into a full time job despite doing an excellent job.

Still, I never begrudge other peoples successes and the combination of simulated stop motion and realistic lego bricks makes the lego movie a masterpiece in my eyes.

If you are interested in how it was made, watch this video. The lego Movie was made by creating realistic bricks (complete with cracks or fingerprints as if they were really used), then building realistic lego worlds that you could actually build yourself (if you had enough lego bricks) and finally animating them in the only way you could off you were actually building them from real bricks; with stop motion (simulated using computer graphics).

By the way if you are interested in computer graphics, making a Lego movie like this is no easy feat. Building objects and rigging characters with movement is actually quite straight forward but making them move in steps which simulate stop motion and using worlds built entirely out of computer generated real bricks. Not so easy. Well done indeed.

How they made the lego movie:

from Andrew Brett

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to change the avatar, user icon, gravitar on your Gavick Pro #Joomla template.

This one had me scratching my head, but it shouldn’t have: How do I change the user icon on a Gavick pro template?

How to change the avatar, user icon, gravitar on your Gavick Pro template.

The answer is easy, except you need to know that your Gavick Pro Joomla templates often show TWO different icons in different places which will both appear as a default blue and white sideways "g" until you change them. Depending on how your template is set up you may need to configure them both. Heres how:

from Andrew Brett

Monday, January 12, 2015

You haven't seen #Tetris until you've seen this Grand Master #youtube #wow

One thing that always made me a bad video game critic is that I love video games. All of ém. I find it hard to dislike any. Tetris is one of those games that may fail to impress a modern gamer who is spoilt for amazing graphics as well as challenging gameplay, but Tetris is not just for the retro enthusiast. For me there is no distinction between games of differing complexity. Sure there are simple games but that doesn't mean they're not fun. Like Tetris, although Tetris has an easy to grasp concept, it's far from an easy game. If anyone ever suggests Tetris is simplistic or not challenging enough, let them have a look at this must see master playing Tetris with invisible blocks. Yep that's right; Invisible.

from Andrew Brett

Sunday, January 4, 2015

#Siri has a funny new voice #iPhone

So last week I was talking to Siri and I notice she sounded different. So I told her:

iPhone screenshot: Iphone siri you sound different

Knowing that Siri doesn't always give you a straight answer, I changed tact:

Iphone screenshot Iphone siri your voice has changed

The new voice for Siri on the iPhone is far more life-like thats for sure but he/she sounds more generic. I think the older voice had more character.

Ok. Siri now that you have a new voice, sing me a song:

iPhone screenshot Iphone-siri-sing-me-a-song.jpg


from Andrew Brett