Sunday, June 29, 2008

My dowloadable Apple MAC Wallpapers

I change my wallpaper frequently and today I decided to make some new Apple wallpapers, you can download the whole lot as a .zip by clicking here.

If you liked them please feel free to tell others Bookmark and Share . enjoy. PS. download Free Lost and Heroes/4400 Wallpapers here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

7 reasons why you wouldn't bother with Psystar computers

Psystar is big in the news lately because it's selling computers with hardware compatible with the Apple MAC operating system. Psystar even goes as far as installing the Mac on a non Apple machine.

They charge you for a installing genuine Mac OS operating system, which might seam on the surface quite cool, but really, why would you bother?

I once bought a genuine Apple licensed Mac Clone in the 1998 and I saved over $2,000, I remember at the time I would have rather had a real MAC. How much can you save now? A couple of hundred?

7 reasons why you wouldn't bother with Psystar computers:

1.Psystar open computers don't come with iLife, so even if you save a few bucks you miss out on some top quality software.

2.A Psystar open computer is just another ugly PC.

3.You will get an operating system based on hacked software (and the ones who hacked the Mac OS are pissed at Psystar for taking advantage of their community based effort)

4.Your long term ability to get system updates is very questionable indeed.

5.How good is a Psystar guarantee if Apple closes Psystar down (due to Psystars dubious legal stance which breaches Apples End User License Agreement for OS X)?

6.Who ever heard of buying a Server using a hacked operating system. Servers a built for reliability.

7.Psystar open computers are just simply aren't Apple MACs.

Psystars open PC, still pretty ugly as far as I'm concerned.

It will be interesting to see if Psystar survives and if Apple does anything to thwart their business. Personally even though I am an open advocate of Apple releasing its operating system (OS X) as a software option (with strict license controls to ensure compatibility) I can't see that Psystar is offering any added value.

I do however applaud Psystar bringing the possibility into the public eye, who know's perhaps we'll see OS X for sale in PC shops yet.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How I made online passive income work.

It was a slow start, but I got there after about six months. Actually, what I did, could be done in a matter of days if you don't have to go through the learning process that I did.

We're all looking for passive income. What could be better than money coming into your life without you having to work for it? Certainly there are plenty of ways of making money online but just taking part in an online money making program (like Affiliate Junktion) is not going to put money in your pockets you need to actually make it work.

I use Affiliate Junktion simply because one day it caught my eye and I decided if ever I was going to give something a go, this might as well be it. But it didn't start off well. I lost money in the beginning. Not wanting to loose much, I stopped trying and thought Affiliate Junktion is a scam.

Later I found out that if you want to bring people to your affiliate site then there is something you absolutely must buy: A keyword tool. Without a keyword tool your online advertising would be like driving without a steering wheel. It simply is a must.

The reality is that by spending an hour a day for weeks I managed to get Affiliate Junktion to payout about €10 a day. Then I bought keyword elite and overnight (literally) my income went from €10 to €110 and it really only took me a few minutes to create top notch keywords.

Without going on and on over the same point, if you can't yet afford Keyword Elite, then use the google keyword tool to get yourself going and then as soon as you can get Keyword Elite, it really is worth the money.

One last little note, you can use all the money you save when you lower the bid amount using a keyword list created by Keyword Elite to pay for Keyword Elite (over and over). If you want to make money online with Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Elite is a must.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Opps, I accidentally started making money online

<<<<< EDIT: my latest blog on this subject is here - it is far more up to date >>>>>>

We'll it just crept up on me over the last few months.

Almost by accident, I started making money online with affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate program I started a few months ago (and the one I failed miserably with in the beginning) just started to make money for me.

Almost overnight, my account started to fill up, first with €10 a day and then a bit more and then more....

After being inspired, I purchase this keyword tool and a day later my income turned into over €100 a day. I so hope this is real, I don't want more, I just want it to be true. I'm still not so sure it is real, I had dreamed making money could be this easy, but could it really be possible? will it last? I don't really know the answer to these questions yet (I'm not due to be paid until about 16.07.08).

I'm so scared right now, I really hope its true and that it just carries on the way its going.

For those interested this is the affiliate program I'm using. Please note the following:
The information is free (as is a money making website), but you will have to pay to use their chosen web host. You will also almost definitely need to splash out and buy this keyword tool to make it work (best thing I ever did).

In the meantime, I don't know what to feel. I have such mixed emotions. The next month of waiting for my first payment will be excruciating, I'll continue to blog my thoughts, feeling and successes (or failures) here. Take a look at some of my old post to see the rocky road to riches i have experienced with Affiliate Junktion, then get the free information to see if its right for you.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The truth (with a bit of opinion thrown in)

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The truth (with a bit of opinion thrown in)

  • You can't argue taste
  • The tragedy of 9/11 was perpetrated or sponsored by the American Government (and realization of this is NOT anti-American)
  • The rest of your life starts Today
  • You should work less and play more
  • Daisy Duck is Hotter than Minnie
  • Metric is an improvement over Imperial
  • You are allowed to love yourself
  • Global warming is a lie (but we should minimize our environmental impact anyway)
  • It doesn't matter where you were born
  • The teletubbies are Aliens
  • Borders exist only in the minds of men
  • .9999999 recurring is equal to 1
  • “Allah” is simply a word. That word means “God” in English
  • Smiles are infectious
  • You can get all the nutrition you need without eating meat
  • Those who conspired to falsify safety reports about the air quality in New York post 9/11 should be brought to trial for the resulting deaths which could have been avoided.
  • It's not the megapixels, its the capture quality.
  • Patriotism is bigotry
  • Any charity is good charity
  • Money can't buy you happiness, but it can take away the problems lack of money causes
  • Terrorism is ineffectual without media coverage
  • Tom Cruise only plays one character, Tom Cruise
  • The invasion of Iraq is based on a lie
  • Captain feathersword is better than the wiggles
  • No means no
  • You are loved
  • Macs are the new PC's (and PC's are the new Mac's)
  • Penfold is a hamster
  • How you act affects outside opinion on your peer group