Friday, November 27, 2015

Epic Rubic Cube #worldrecord solver in uner 5 second (#video) #amazing

This is an Epic feat of brain power and dexterity. Well done to Lucas and anyone else who can solve a rubics cube at any significant speed!


from Andrew Brett

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What I want from a flat file CMS: (@getgrav might just be the closest).

I was just jotting some ideas about flat file CMS's and what would make me start to use one of them. Falt file CMS's are a way of building websites (and managing their content) without having to write all the code. A normal CMS uses a database to organise stor the content, a flat file CMS simply uses stored text files (which makes it easier because the system doesn't need to look it up). This is what I am looking for from a Flat file CMS:

from Andrew Brett

What colour should my logo be?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

My son and daughter unboxing our new #AppleTV (much fun was had by all)

My Son was so exited to get the Apple TV. "Crossy road multiplayer !!!!". When we got it I asked him if he wanted to do an unboxing, I told him some people will have questiuons about the Apple TV like, weather or not it comes with an HDMI cable (it doesn't) and one way to show people what they get when they purchase it is to make an unboxing video.

So here it is:

Unboxing the Apple TV (with Swordsprite and Teslasparx).


from Andrew Brett