Friday, March 21, 2014

@jimmyfallon and @billyjoel is really the best internet of the day #toomuchawesome

Boom. A modern Total Annihilation style #RTS insipres me to battle @UberEnt

Let put this out there. I love RTS's. Love em. Lately I haven't really found a good AAA RTS to play. Admittedly I don't have a lot of time and so I am trending toward top class iPad tower defines games because I can pick them up and put them down again. But on my computer I haven't really been playing RTS for a while. That may soon change.

from Andrew Brett

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Two beautiful videos about the birth of modern computers that #Mac users will love.

Xerox invented some of the most significant innovations in commuter history like the mouse and the GUI. Apple Computer (as it used to be called) then fine tuned these technologies with a flair for creating user friendly productivity orientated computers and came up with something truly revolutionary; the Mac. Released in 1984 the Apple Mac really did establish a new path for computers which every piece of technology since has followed.

Here are a couple of great videos about the early days of the Mac that graphic designers around at the time will particularly enjoy.

from Andrew Brett

Just #stupid. #SoloClimbing that high with no ropes #deathwish @AlexHonnold

I'm not the only one to see this and be a little angry. The climber in this video (Alex Honnold) will eventually die an unnatural death if he carries on climbing the way he does. There will come a day when a gust of wind, the naturaly aging of his body or some other element will cause him to slip and fall to his death. This video should have been more responsible. It should have warnings, a simple "do not try this at home" would be a start. Instead it paints Alex Honnold as someone to be revered for his skill. People seeing this video might be inpsired to emulate him and not everyone has his skill. But more fundimentally, why is this considered an accomplishment? Climbing with ropes (free climbing, which I used to do) is the same exact thing only safer. We wouldn't exalt a race car driver who doesn't use seat belts and a helmet in the same way, would we? Climbing like this is just wrong. It helps that Alex Honnold doesn't seam to have too many people in his life or I would go as far as to call him and asshole (yea, I said it) for what he would eventually put them through. I feel really sorry for his mother. There is no doubt Alex Honnold has amazing climbing ability, that is without question, and it will be a great sporting loss when he dies in a fall the way many others already have. Solo climbing is not smart. It is not an schievement. It's a failure in every sense I can imagine.

from Andrew Brett

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#Glados explains the difference between Fusion Fission. Best #kids #science ever.

What's better than finally learning the difference between Fusion Fission? Having GlaDOS teach you! She didn't explain how portals work though, I guess I'll have to put my portal gun making plans on hold. Bonus: How to make a potato battery.

from Andrew Brett

Holy shizzle. #Webdesign take note; A most inspiring web dev program indeed! Good job @macawco

This has to be the best web development tool ever. I must admit, I don't build websites this way, instead of html and CSS I use a CMS which takes care all of that for me. One of the reasons I do it that way is that there is no way to "deisgn" a web site like using illustrator or coreldraw. Or should I say there WAS no way previously. Many have tried to make a "wysiwyg" HTML/CSS editor but up until now they ALL had the wrong goals. They all tried to force the user to work within the confines HTML/CSS. Macaw seems to be built to allow the web designer to construct websites in the way they would with a graphic design program. Then Macaw builds the best code it can from that. Brilliant, well done!

from Andrew Brett

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More than 20 years before #Gravity this was mind blowing, made on a home computer

It's really hard to put describe how impressive this little video my friend and I made well over 20 years ago was at the time. It's not going to win Oscars like the film Gravity, but it was fun to make!

from Andrew Brett