Saturday, November 5, 2016

#Minecraft is Sexy

Just in case you didn't know, Minecraft is sexy.

Minecraft is sexy Screenshot of minecraft

from Andrew Brett

[SOLVED] No pages found error in #Wordpress

Oops, error, "No pages found"

Did you login to suddenly find no pages found on your Wordpress backend? I did, and I couldn’t work out why despite having lots of content. Boy I was scratching my head. Here’s how I solved not seeing any pages in the Wordpress administration area.

from Andrew Brett

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Crazy model Helicopter tricks appear to defy physics

Wow, the model Helicopters look like fun. I'd love to have one to play with, I wonder how much time it takes to perfect those physics defying manoeuvres.

from Andrew Brett

Help! My Fusion Builder button has disappeared and all I see is code using Avada theme on Wordpress.

Fusion Builder button has disappeared and all I see is code


Sound familiar? You changes something in Wordpress and now the fusion builder button is not appearing in your post or pages, instead all you see is code. I’m not talk bout the little Fusion shortcode generator button, I’m talking about the big Fusion Builder button which allows you to build pages using the Fusion Builder, you’ve lost it, it doesn’t even appear at the top of of your Wordpress post or article. Sound like the issue?

Worry not. I might have the solution.

from Andrew Brett