Thursday, December 31, 2015

#Starwars #lightsaber colours, how I always thought they worked. #jedi #skywalker

Star wars thought force light saber colours

from Andrew Brett

How to kill lots of Chicken Wrangler Zombies and complete your quest fast in Plant's VS Zombies 2 #PVZ #popgap.

 Chicken Wrangler Zombies Plants VS Zombies 2 PVZ Screenshot

Playing Plants vs Zombies? Got the quest to kill hundreds of Chicken wrangling zombies but you don't want to spend ages doing it? After all, it IS a lot of Zombie Chicken Wranglers.

Here is how you can complete the "kill wrangler zombies quest" quickly and efficiently.

from Andrew Brett

Friday, December 25, 2015

How @Endgadget poo-pooed @Nokia's C.E.O too soon. Turns out. He was right. Kinda. #tech

On 04.21.10 Engadget ran this story entitled: "CE-Oh no he didn't" quoting Nokias then CEO Anssi Vanjoki who said camera phones were about to make SLR obsolete. Engadget was quick to poo-poo his vision because, as any photographer knows, the lens is an important part of the photography process and those tiny (and I do mean tiny) camera phone lenses would never be up to par, would they?

from Andrew Brett

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monkey laughs at magic trick. #happychristmas #funny #youtube

Who doesn't like Magic. Not monkeys (in this case an orang-utan). If this don't put a smile on your dial then I can't do nut'in for ya man.

I would love to have a monkey in my family. Well... yes I already do already have some..., perhaps more like this magic loving fella.


from Andrew Brett