Sunday, February 8, 2009

The end of Affiliate Junktion

It turns out that Affiliate Junktions excuses for non payment were founded on something more sinistar. On Sat 7th of Feb 2009 Affiliate Junktion posted the message on its website:

“Dear Affiliates,

I would like to start by thanking you all for hard work on the Affiliate Junktion Affiliate Program.

Due to the change of direction and global economic changes, Affiliate Junktion's strategic business goals can no longer support the Affiliate Junktion referral program.

All Affiliates have been notified by email and in the news section of the control panel on February 5th and given 2 days notice as per the Terms & Conditions set out in the Affiliate Junktion Affiliate Agreement.

Please accept our apologies for the sudden termination of this program. “

My bet is that through a number of factors the system stopped working for them (and of course their affiliates of which I am one).

I for one really thought they had something. For a number of months I was making a theoretical (I say theoretical because Affiliate Junktion never paid it out) profit of $100 a day. In the end Affiliate Junktion wound up owing me around $6,500.00.

I still believe there must be a good way to make money online, just, as it turns out, Affiliate Junktion is not it.

EDIT: Now there new one: Affiliano, Is Affiliano a scam? Yes, like all the rest.