Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest free virus scanner for your PC 2009/2010

This is just a small post for those who are looking for a free virus scanner 2009/2010.

One of the best free virus scanners of 2009/2010 is the one by Avira (Avira AntiVir)
Download Avira Antivir virus scan free

Another popular free anti virus lots of people use (myself included) is AVG Free Antivirus
Download AVG Free antivirus

Whats new in 2009 is the Antivirus from Microsoft. Microsofts new Antivirus scored highly (although Antivir Free scored better). Anyway, it's a newly available Antivirus and if you trust Microst (the people who gave you windows and the blues screen of death)....
Download Free Microsoft Security Essentials Anti virus

Hope that keeps you virus free.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is Affiliano a scam?

Is Affiliano a Scam?

If you've come across an affiliate scheme (oh, sorry “program”) called Affiliano and are wondering if it is scam or not, thats easy: Affiliano is a scam. How can I say this? Why do I know so much about Affiliano? Because I lost almost $7000 with it's predecessor Affiliate Junction. I'll get to that, but first it's important to say Affiliano is a scam, don't under any circumstances enter you email and contact details.

Affiliano you see, is either a copy, or (much more likely) a new site by the people who made Affiliate Junktion. It's the same in every way. They say a sucker is borne every minute, Affiliano is banking on the fact that around the world more and more suckers come of age and get credit cards. Don't be so stupid to think that you'll be the smart one. You're the sucker and Affiliano is going to take your money.

So how does Affiliano work, why is Affiliano a scam? It works (or operates) by paying you a commission for every referral you bring in. Affiliano doesn't pay you for conversion, all you have to do is get someone interested. Sounds good right? That's why lots of people are bound to sign up to Affiliano. But don't be fooled. Affiliano is a scam. After someone signs up, you have to spend money on advertising to bring people to the Affiliano web site. This is done with pay per click ads through Yahoo, Google Adsense or similar. Really this only benefits Affiliano because quality traffic (clicks) cost so much these days that you will send just as much if not more than you will make from Affiliano's scam.

But that's not the danger part and not the reason I lost money with the old Affiliano (Affiliate Junktion). It's quite simple. Even if you can get cheap enough traffic and enough suckers to fall for Affiliano Scam to make a profit you then need to get paid. In the beginning Affiliate Junktion paid out, so Affiliano probably will, for a few months, then the excuses start coming... “waiting for our advertising partner to pay”.. “next month” and then after a month “due to our click fraud check payments will be made at the end of next month”. Affiliano is a scam as sure as the sun shines.

If you want to take the time to see what happened to me, read my old blogs about Affiliate Junktion (Blog archive on the right column). I left them in case something like the Affiliano scam appeared. You can apply the same to Affiliano. You'll see that I even managed to get it working for a while, but in the end Affiliate Junktion just closed down, promised to pay the balance and never did. Affiliano is going to do the same and then just start again with another name. Don't be the sucker who fell for the Affiliano scam.

What about the claims and testimonials about how much people are making with Affiliano? Probably just BS. Why would you blindly believe Affiliano? If Affiliano is a scam, they are hardly going to have the morals to tell the truth for their testimonials are they? And even if the Affiliano testimonials were true and correct and Affiliano were not a scam, those totals don't talk about how much people are spending on advertising to get that sort of income. And if they are making that much from Affiliano it simply shows you how many thousands of people are going to be competing with you and forcing the price of traffic up even further.

In the end. If Affiliano did work (and was not a scam), it is unsustainable. Eventually it will reach saturation point and no one will be able to make money or get new referrals. Affiliano, by that stage will have stopped payment for a couple of months and will simply close down. You'll have no way of collecting your commissions and be left high and dry.

Make no mistake. Affiliano is a scam for sure.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not the Apple fanboi this week. In fact I'm feeling like .. Apple sucks

Turns out my brother was right Apple sucks.

Well, ok he didn't say that, in actual fact he agrees that the Mac is a great piece of technology and although we've had some heated discussion on the Mac vs PC front, we both pretty much agree we want MAC's.

Let me start by saying. I want a Mac. I have owned MACs and understand the value of the Mac OS. I have been patient. I have been waiting a long time to get my Mac. First I waited for Leopard (but couldn't afford a MAC at the time...), then I waited for a new mac Mini (I want a mini because I have a good keyboard, mouse and monitor), I still wasn't able to afford one. Finally I got back into the position of having more disposable cash. I'm ready to but a MAC, except...

... I've run into a snag, one that my brother is quick to point out and he's right. I can't get a machine capable of playing decent games (eg Left 4 Dead) without robbing a bank.

Apple has, you see, a very limited range. To some this is a boon because they don't want a lot of choice. I too think too much choice can sometimes be a bad thing, but at the moment I'm finding the reverse to be true because there simply isn't a Mac which meets my needs.

I want a Mac built with gaming in mind, that means with a decent graphics card. Neither the mini or the iMac have good enough graphics even for last years games.

So tell me Apple, what should I do? I ready, I've got cash, and I'm not asking for graphics super power, just something that would give me respectable gaming performance.

Update: I just purchase a Nvidia Geforce GFX 260 for my PC, putting off my Mac purchase indefinately. Now however I'm thinking, if I buy the right motherboard and CPU (under €200 more), I can make a Hackintosh... something I wanted to avoid. HELP ME APPLE: Make a mid range 'tower' (it doesn't need to be a tower, a cool fresh Apple design would rock!). - Please ..?