Monday, January 12, 2015

You haven't seen #Tetris until you've seen this Grand Master #youtube #wow

One thing that always made me a bad video game critic is that I love video games. All of ém. I find it hard to dislike any. Tetris is one of those games that may fail to impress a modern gamer who is spoilt for amazing graphics as well as challenging gameplay, but Tetris is not just for the retro enthusiast. For me there is no distinction between games of differing complexity. Sure there are simple games but that doesn't mean they're not fun. Like Tetris, although Tetris has an easy to grasp concept, it's far from an easy game. If anyone ever suggests Tetris is simplistic or not challenging enough, let them have a look at this must see master playing Tetris with invisible blocks. Yep that's right; Invisible.

from Andrew Brett

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