Sunday, January 18, 2015

How the #lego movie was made (#youtube #video) - #everythingisawesome

Was the lego movie made with stop motion and real blocks? Of course not. Here is a video which shows how they made the lego movie:

I always wanted to do one of two things; Either make CG animated movies or work in the video game industry. I spent my life pushing hard to get a break that would allow me to do just that, but alas I never found my way in despite once having the opportunity to work for Electronic Arts (on contract). I just couldn't turn it into a full time job despite doing an excellent job.

Still, I never begrudge other peoples successes and the combination of simulated stop motion and realistic lego bricks makes the lego movie a masterpiece in my eyes.

If you are interested in how it was made, watch this video. The lego Movie was made by creating realistic bricks (complete with cracks or fingerprints as if they were really used), then building realistic lego worlds that you could actually build yourself (if you had enough lego bricks) and finally animating them in the only way you could off you were actually building them from real bricks; with stop motion (simulated using computer graphics).

By the way if you are interested in computer graphics, making a Lego movie like this is no easy feat. Building objects and rigging characters with movement is actually quite straight forward but making them move in steps which simulate stop motion and using worlds built entirely out of computer generated real bricks. Not so easy. Well done indeed.

How they made the lego movie:

from Andrew Brett

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