Friday, January 23, 2015

#Tesla leaves Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the dust shows why #electriccars are great

When most people watch this video it's easy to see that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat get is ass kicked by the Tesla becuase it fluffed the start. To me this just shows why Tasla cars (an indeed similarly powered electric vehicles) are faster. It's not that the are that much faster when they go up against high powered combustion engines, it's more the direct drive and electric motor make it much easier to get going fast. With a combustion engine you have to rev the engine high enough to get maximum power but not so high that you spin the wheels and loose traction (and therefore loose speed). This is not actually that easy to do. The Tesla on the other hand, doesn't have that problem and although we all love to think that we are great drivers (actually I'm the best in the world!), having a drag race is not easy and most people would end up doing what the Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver did.

I love those Teslas:

from Andrew Brett

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