Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Affiliate Junktion Scam test Re-loaded

<<<<< EDIT: my latest blog on Affiliate Junktion is here - You can find more up to date inforamtion on Affiliate Junktion here.>>>>>>

Welcome to the definitive blog on weather or not Affiliate Junktion is a scam. When people look for “Affiliate Junktion Scam” many people find my blog because it tells my own real story which didn't start off that well.

I suggest if you really want to know if Affiliate Junktion is a scam, you read this whole post as it is a culmination of my entire experience so far with Affiliate Junktion and weather or not Affiliate Junktion is a scam. During this post I will answer the most common Affiliate Junktion related questions.

The most important thing people want to know is not “is Affiliate Junktion a scam?” it is actually “is Affiliate Junktion going to steal from me, cheat me, sell my email address or worse”. The answer is no. They really do offer you free information on their money making program. So then you want to know “wheres the catch?”, there is no catch, but yes you will need to spend some money (very little, which you will get back). To understand it all go and visit omnis (it used to be ipwer). They offer good value web hosting. It's this hosting service that you will need to run Affiliate Junktions free website and use the Affiliate Junktion system.

You will also then need to generate traffic to bring to your promotional website, this can be done with online advertising rather cheaply. The downside is, it will take a month of advertising to bring in daily clicks before they pay you. In the mean time you have to bear the cost and the risk. You don't have to, but to really make Affiliate Junktion work, you should bite the bullet and splash out for a proper keyword tool. This tool turned my Affiliate Junktion income from €10 a day to €80 (and counting) - well worth it.

The good thing is you after you signup for the free Affiliate Junktion information you are under no pressurer to take part. I recommend you check out omnis and also get the free Affiliate Junktion information here (opens in new tab). One thing I can guarantee you, is that you can do all of this without obligation/risk. I always recommend researching anything before you get into it, so take a look at all the information that Affiliate Junktion gives you. By joining up (it's safe) you can see what they offer and decide for yourself if you want to take part.

Also check my other Affiliate Junktion blogs. Here is a post purely as a directory of my Affiliate Junction posts. When I first stared the program I made a loss, and didn't really understand Affiliate Junktion, but I managed to turn that around (now I'm making about €100 a day with affiliate Junktion - proof here). DO read what I've written to see if its the right program for you, but also get the free info from Affiliate Junktion (click here) it will help you understand more.

I am doing my absolute best with this blog to provide you with independent accurate information on Affiliate Junktion, so you can decide for yourself if Affiliate Junktion is for you.

Though Affiliate Junktion had not been successful for me at first, I tried again (the third attempt). I did so because I learned two things: That Affiliate Junktion paid out per referral not per conversion (how did I miss that - stupid), which means that people don't have to take part in order for you to get paid. I also learned some more things about advertising with Google adwords to help me make a better Affiliate Junktion campaign.

Lets start by answering the most common questions about Affiliate Junktion.

Q1) Will Affiliate Junktion actually pay me?

A) You can find dozens of websites on the Internet saying “I got paid by Affiliate Junktion” but most people say that from the time they join up thinking they need to do so to create interest in the Affiliate Junktion program (or at least to show Affiliate Junktion isn't a scam to help entice people). Often people will out and out lie thinkin it might help them make money with Affiliate Junktion, me, I don't care. Take a look at my Affiliate Junktion payment proof and if you feel you want to get monthly cheques in the mail like me then click here and take a look. You decide.

Q2) How do I know if Affiliate Junktion isn't going to use my credit card and steal my money.

A) Because Affiliate Junktion never asks for your credit card number, nor does Affiliate Junktion ever ask for any payment from you whatsoever. The information they give you really is totally free.

Q3) Is Affiliate Junktion legitimate?

A) Affiliate Junktion is legitimate in the sense that it does not try to defraud you of money. I have debunked (explained) Affiliate Junction in this post. It's easy to see how it works simply with the information Affiliate Junktion gives you.

Q4) If the information is free how does Affiliate Junktion make money? (Affiliate Junktion is trying to make money isn't it?)

A) It's easy to see how Affiliate Junktion makes it's money. Affiliate Junktion gets a commission from either omnis or ipower. Once you receive you free information the process is explained. You can check it all out here.

Q5) Does Affiliate Junktion really pay the $75 joining bonus?

A) Yes, the $75 joining bonus has been in my Affiliate Junktion account from day one. Please note that is NZ$75, you can check daily currency conversions here.

Q6) Why should we trust what you say about Affiliate Junktion?

A) Just because something is written doesn't mean it is true, (the same goes for the newspapers). You have to decide yourself how honest my explanation of Affiliate Junction is. You can see this blog is about other things of interest too me, and that my experiences with Affiliate Junction aren't all happy ones (I din't work it out in the beginning, - all these post still exist in Nov/Dec 2007). Also seven months has past since I joined Affiliate Junktion so I'm happy that one can see how genuine it is.

Q7) Whats does “ Affiliate Junktion pays out per referral not per conversion” mean?

A) It means Affiliate Junktion pays you NZ$2 every time somebody makes an enquirery , people don't have to join for you to get paid a commission (unlike other Affiliate programs).

Now lets talk about my new experiences with Affiliate Junktion as of late.

Since learning a bit more about Affiliate Junktion and advertising with Google Adsense I decided to give Affiliate Junktion another shot.

I started a new advertising campaign for Affiliate Junktion and here are the results:

1st month = €10 per day profit

2nd month = €110 per day profit (the change is solely because of this tool)

The two most important things are:

Months of successful activity with Affiliate Junktion - 3 --- Daily (yes daily) income currently €110

My income increase came from the use of this keyword tool.

Affiliate Junktion is now making me a decent profit. One can't help wondering how much my negative comments in the past have an affect on my own current Affiliate Junktion campaign. I took my wifes advice and decided to keep everything truthful and not inflate or exaggerate my results to try and improve them. In other words, I'm not going to falsify my experience to make it attractive for others interested in Affiliate Junktion.

Affiliate Junktion Summary (so far):

I can't say if Affiliate Junktion will work for all. It's not a scam in the sense it's not trying to steal from you, but you may not be able to get it working right straight away (I couldn't until I discovered this). If you are prepared to spend a little time learning abou how to get it working or if you have other sources of Internet traffic you can direct to the Affiliate Junktion program, than Affiliate Junktion might just be what you are looking for. One thing is absolutely sure, it cost you nothing to find out about it, I wholeheartedly encourage you to empower yourself with the information to help you make an informed decision and you can get the best information on Affiliate Junkiton from the source (here).


Heinrich-Wolf said...

goddamnit tekno boy! you said before it's a scam. and i really belive in you. especially when i read an article at "Lies Uncovered" saying it's a scam. c'mon, which is really which..??? i am actually confused by now whether or not i'll join AJ..

Tekno Boy said...

Thanks for you comment heinrich-wolf

I'm sorry about all this, it turns out I'm now making money from Affiliate Junktion. The only thing to see now is if Affiliate Junktion really do pay me or not.

When I first signed up, I advertised the program and it cost me more money in advertising than I earnt. Thats why I said "it's a scam.". Turns out I'm not as smart as I thought I was.

Just recently I got some advice on advertising the program and decided to try again. Basically I was near the payout threshold and decided that even if I lost a few euro,, I would at least get my $150+ back.

Since I have been trying again, I have been making (theoretically) more and more.

I promise you one thing, I will continue to blog EXACTLY what I have done/am doing good or bad and add any thoughts about it here. Until I get paid, I can't say if Affiliate Junktion is a scam or not and if I do indeed get paid, I con only say that people will have to decide for themselves if they like the program hope fully my ramblings might help.

Heinrich-Wolf said...

I would take your advice tekno.. I would wait until you had a proof in your hand. I will follow your blog to see if it's worth wasting time with AJ. Thanks to your blog. And oh, AJ has new flick, they're offering now every sign up a $100. What do you think of this?

Tekno Boy said...

heinrich-wolf, as you can see I not making spectacular money, but until I actually receive payment from Affiliate Junktion I'm not prepared to invest more in advertising.

Davo said...

Hey Teknoboy, thanks for keeping us up to date. I too thought it was a scam at first but then the second month I earned $1655 profit.

Did you receive your paycheck?

Mine took about 2,5 weeks to reach me, all the way from new zealand.

Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

its easy to see at this point what aj is. it now all depends as to what you define for yourself as a scam.

if you define scam as a program that will not pay you, i dont think it qualifies, since its quite apparent from the cash flow ( $100 signup will pay for $75 and $3) and its good business for ipower and omni since they will continue to bill you.

but if you define scam as a program that ultimately does not sell anything more than hosting for sites that sell other people more hosting for them to sell to other people, and does not really add value to anyone, i.e. just money changing hands, then i would think that it would fall in there.

at the end of the day, the consumer will decide. the sad thing about it is that you will probably end up making more money here than with an affiliate program that actually does provide value to the member/consumer, value meaning he/she he has received goods/services that he really needs and is not obligated by the affiliate program's circumstances.


arun said...

very few make profit from AJ, AJ pays you, but just 10% or 20% of your total money what spend for advertisments, if you want loose your money again and again its a good option to join AJ, i have spent almost $2000 and got paid only NZD 300, now the banks are behind me asking me to pay my credit card bills, you will not know the hidden truth in the beginning, I am no where now.