Saturday, January 31, 2009

Affiliate Junktion, a scam after all? Only time will tell.

I am way overdue for an update on Affiliate Junktion. Many people visit my site because they want to know if Affiliate Junktion is a scam. I’m beginning to think the answer might not be so easy to find.

In the beginning I couldn’t get the Affiliate Junktion system working. I thought Affiliate Junktion was a scam for sure. Then I managed to get my advertising cost right down and started to make a profit. At one stage I was earning NZ$300+ per day! Well, at least my account with them was showing that.

Here’s the thing, my first check was right on the money. I had earned 1,226.00 for my first month adn that is exactly what Affiliate Junktion paid. The problem is that Affiliate Junktion went through a website update and used that as an excuse to delay payments. The first of many. I only received my first payment about three months later.

This alone would not have been a problem. The next thing to happen was an ‘anti fraud’ deduction made to my commission. Basically, Affiliate Junktion payed me less than half of my commission and said that was because of anti fraud measures and canceled leads.

When you think about it there is no reason for someone to go to the trouble of making a unique ip address and a new email address to sign up through my links. If someone was trying to defraud Affiliate Junktion, then they would do it through their own links wouldn’t they? I was sending Affiliate Junktion traffic I had generated through advertising. Why would someone try to defraud Affiliate Junktion through random advertisments?

But it didn’t stop there… a few months later I was owed just under NZ$12,000.00 in commission, the result? When Affiliate Junktion finally did pay, I only received NZ$4,532.00.

The hardest thing is that Affiliate Junktion was paying later and later. I have been waiting over three months for the currently owed commission and until I actually receive a payment from Affiliate Junktion, I don't know how much they are going to give me.

Perhaps this is part of the plan all along. If Affiliate Junktion can manage to keep people on the hook for long enough then they have months of people advertising their system. This could be long enough for Affiliate Junktion to grow exponentially.

I would like to give Affiliate Junktion the benefit of the doubt, heck, I want it to work so I can make some money using the Affiliate Junktion system.

The thing which is making me suspicious is that the excuse they used last month was pretty dodgy. They claimed they needed to wait 2-3 weeks to get paid by their advertiser before they could pay out commissions. But that’s not the biggest problem. I emailed Affiliate Junktion 4 weeks after this to ask when the payment would be made and the excuse they gave me was the exact same one (word for word) as 4 weeks earlier. I now have to wait until the 28th of February 2009 to get my commission (for over four months earlier).

So, for now I have stopped my Affiliate Junktion advertising campaign. I’m going to wait until I have been paid in full before I continue. Actually I need to wait until I get paid by Affiliate Junktion to know how profitable it was and because, quite frankly, I need the money. I also want to wait because I want to know if Affiliate Junktion is a scam for sure. I don't want to advertise a program that is not going to work.

I believe that Affiliate Junktion could still be genuine. Perhaps they are just trying to pay out slowly to maximize their income by earning interest on their affiliate’s money for a couple of months before they pay out. I can't imaging this wouldn't actually be hurtful to Affiliate Junktion so don't really think thats it.

In any case I can’t in good conscience promote Affiliate Junktion at the moment. I suggest if you’ve heard about Affiliate Junktion but haven’t joined then don’t do anything right now. Check back here in a month to see what happened.

If you are already an Affiliate Junktion member in the same boat, you might want to consider being cautious and perhaps not investing a lot in advertising at this point.

At the end of the day the only people who really know how this is going to play out are those at Affiliate Junktion.

EDIT: Now there new one: Affiliano, Is Affiliano a scam? Yes, like all the rest.


andyoak said...

The program has now gone! As far as I know no one has been paid for months and you are dead right in what you are saying it has just been one thing after another as to why they havn't paid. They now have no conection with the hosting company Ipower and have not had one for months. They have set up their own hosting company, affiliate junktion hosting, so why are they waiting for their payment before they can pay us. It's all lies and I feel the only way we are going to get any money at all is to take legal action. The only way I can see this working is if we all get our heads together and sue them as a group!

Andre Vitorio said...

I'm still waiting for payments. Haven't been paid since September. It's ridiculous. How can we get them? I have over $2k in commissions with them but they only added $500 to my "amount due".

karen said...

well, obviously we are not going to get money owed to us - everybody should watch for Michael Davies on the internet - he is sure to appear somewhere in the future with another scam!!

Anonymous said...

I also didn't paid at all. They are absolutely lier. We are all need to take legal action against them. pls work togather.

Abhijit Saha..

Savin said...

i liked your first article better.
if you deal with a person who owes you money and doesn't pay you.
the benefit of the doubt goes out the
window. That same principle should
apply to websites.

I'm guessing that affiliate junktion
can be likened to a MLM (multi-level-marketing)only the people on the top makes money. In this case, only Affiliate Junktion.

I have no experience with them. but base on the comments they are not doing proper business.