Thursday, August 21, 2008

Affiliate Junktion Payment Proof (cheque recieved)

Here is proof of payment from Affiliate Junktion (for those of you waiting for a payment wondering if Affiliate Junktion is a scam or not).

Just because they sent me payment once, does not mean I always received it, please read my latest blog Affiliate Junktion, a scam after all? Only time will tell..

Bellow is a photo of the Affiliate Junktion Cheque I received. To sum up, I have so far been paid:

August NZ$1226.00 (by cheque)
September NZ$4805.00 (by paypal)
October NZ$4568.00 (by paypal)

September payment from Affiliate Junktion was made with paypal. I thought this would be better (its certainly faster than cheque), but paypal charged me $187.85 just to recieve the money! I'm going to get one more paypal payment, then I will simply be getting too much to warrent gettin paid by Affiliat Junktion that way (because paypal charges a percentage) and I'll go back to getting paid from Affiliate Junktion by cheque.

Please note, I got paid ns September for July's commisions, so you need to know thats how long it takes (yes the time period had me worrying as well, for two months I had to wonder is the ceque would arrive). More information of when and how they payout can be found here.

Proof of payment from Affiliate Junktion: Here is the first cheque I have received from them. It would appear they are registered as "E-Work Marketing Limited" perhaps their former name, anyway I was happy to get the cheque from Affiliate Junktion. I will add future cheques to this blog page so come back in a month to see the next Affiliate Junktion payment proof added.

As you can see by the remittance advice of the Affiliate Junktion Cheque, it has the Affiliate Juntktion web address pre-printed. Although my address was handwritten, this is due to their recent system overhaul and Affiliate Junktion also enclosed an apologetic note.

I also videoed open the letter from Affiliate Junktion because is hard to provide proof of payment over the internet. I'm going to post that to You Tube soon (don't have time to today, sorry).

As other forms of proof, I have provided a photo of the Envelope and (what I though was the most important proof that Affiliate Junktion does pay) is a copy of the bank deposit.

If you want more information or want to get a check like this sent to you every month then signup here. The information is free and worth a read, After receiving you instruction feel free to read my blog because Affiliate Junktion probably isn't for everyone. Take a look for yourself.


Bucks4us said...


Any other cheques recieved?

I've noticed that people talk about AJ for sometime then they quit for ever. Is there anything wrong?

Personality said...


I just joined the site yesterday. And i am also expecting some checks form them. It is nice to see your post with payment proofs.

Thanks for sharing it here.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the same views regarding this program? Are you still getting paid?