Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest free virus scanner for your PC 2009/2010

This is just a small post for those who are looking for a free virus scanner 2009/2010.

One of the best free virus scanners of 2009/2010 is the one by Avira (Avira AntiVir)
Download Avira Antivir virus scan free

Another popular free anti virus lots of people use (myself included) is AVG Free Antivirus
Download AVG Free antivirus

Whats new in 2009 is the Antivirus from Microsoft. Microsofts new Antivirus scored highly (although Antivir Free scored better). Anyway, it's a newly available Antivirus and if you trust Microst (the people who gave you windows and the blues screen of death)....
Download Free Microsoft Security Essentials Anti virus

Hope that keeps you virus free.

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