Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two great things to do when you're bored

Cool thing #1 Rastorbation

Printing a large image using you desktop A4 inkjet (or Laser printer) has a name. It's called Rastorbating (and you though no one was going to catch you).

If you don't have software to split an image up into the tiles you need to be able to print the image on a large scale, then here's something cool: The Rastorbator. It's a free online interface to allow you to upload an image and it will split the file into the tiles you need to print them at any size. Whats cool about is that the rastorbator splits images up using a process similar to line screening (used for printing/screen printing) which converts your image inter woven rounded shapes which give the image an arty look and keep the resulting PDF files size right down, allowing you to print them and email them easily.

You can also download a rastorbator stand alone program so you can rastorbate to any photo in the privacy of your own room :P

Cool thing #2: Wordle

Another cool thing to was some of you time is the cloud generator at

You may have seem words thrown together in a bunch, some big some small. This is called a cloud. Search clouds are the most common example, these show the most searched items larger than the rest and can be a great way to tink laterally on things that misght interest you.

Now you can make your own artistic clouds from any text you like. Music lyrics, web sites, poems, whatever... here are some examples I came up with:

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