Wednesday, July 9, 2008

iMac Contenders threaten Apples title

Most people agree, iMacs are cool.

Some (generally those that cant afford them) complain that they are too expensive. Many compare Apples legendary 'All in One' to any number of PC's. The biggest problem is that the PC with which people compare Apples iMac are tower pc's (also lovingly referred to as "boxes"), without any consideration to the value and cost associated with making an amazing looking computer which appears to be little more than a monitor.

But there are PC's capable of contending Apple for the all All in One crown. The most interesting thing is,... they are all (spec for spec) more expensive than an iMAC (and don't come with Apples amazing OS X nor iLife). And these aren't computers made by companies who can't produce enough to achieve economy of scale. These are the biggest brand in the business.

Take a look:

Dell XPS

All in all not a bad lineup, I'm impressed. They just need a Mac OS and ilife....

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