Saturday, June 28, 2008

7 reasons why you wouldn't bother with Psystar computers

Psystar is big in the news lately because it's selling computers with hardware compatible with the Apple MAC operating system. Psystar even goes as far as installing the Mac on a non Apple machine.

They charge you for a installing genuine Mac OS operating system, which might seam on the surface quite cool, but really, why would you bother?

I once bought a genuine Apple licensed Mac Clone in the 1998 and I saved over $2,000, I remember at the time I would have rather had a real MAC. How much can you save now? A couple of hundred?

7 reasons why you wouldn't bother with Psystar computers:

1.Psystar open computers don't come with iLife, so even if you save a few bucks you miss out on some top quality software.

2.A Psystar open computer is just another ugly PC.

3.You will get an operating system based on hacked software (and the ones who hacked the Mac OS are pissed at Psystar for taking advantage of their community based effort)

4.Your long term ability to get system updates is very questionable indeed.

5.How good is a Psystar guarantee if Apple closes Psystar down (due to Psystars dubious legal stance which breaches Apples End User License Agreement for OS X)?

6.Who ever heard of buying a Server using a hacked operating system. Servers a built for reliability.

7.Psystar open computers are just simply aren't Apple MACs.

Psystars open PC, still pretty ugly as far as I'm concerned.

It will be interesting to see if Psystar survives and if Apple does anything to thwart their business. Personally even though I am an open advocate of Apple releasing its operating system (OS X) as a software option (with strict license controls to ensure compatibility) I can't see that Psystar is offering any added value.

I do however applaud Psystar bringing the possibility into the public eye, who know's perhaps we'll see OS X for sale in PC shops yet.

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