Friday, November 30, 2007

More on Affiliate Junktion...

<<<<< EDIT: my latest blog on Affiliate Junktion is here - You can find more up to date information on Affiliate Junktion here.>>>>>>

One of the things to watch, is that because they are in New Zealand, all payouts are in NZ$. If you check out you will see they are making $100US per sign up. Not only that but a recent email to me suggested their lowest payout rate is NZ$1.50 (US$1.15). (At time of writing, I thought Affiliate Junktion paid per conversion, they don't, Affiliate Junktion pays per lead. Only Affiliate Junktion themselves know how many leads end up signing up)

If you put that together with the increase in people using keywords like "make money" through Yahoo or Google adwords resulting in a hight cost per click, its easy to see there is plenty of money for them, hardly any for you. (since writing that I have got my cost per click down to €0.03 for Affiliate Junktion ads)

Really the only ones making the money are
Affiliate Junktion (maybe Affiliate Junktion isn't making money, see my latest Affiliate Junktion blog here) .

Maybe the occasional member who's experienced with online advertising is lucky enough to target his/her Affiliate Junktion ads effectively and cheaply, but for every member who does, there are no doubt plenty who signup and go nowhere. (that may still be true, but I suggest you get the free information here and then decide for yourself if Affiliate Junktion will work for you)


Rahil said...

hey..nice information!!
well i am having the same problem..the keywords i am targetting are costly..and the conversion rate is not THAT good..the conersion rate is about 25 percent...if i give the target URL of the affiliate junktion in an adword capaign..
and if i use my websites target URL the conversion is horrific..
so..therz no point using the website given by affiliate junktion for there promotion if u r using the adwords capaign..
even if we take the conversion of 25% and bid for around 0.20-0.35 dollars for a keyword(thats wat affiliate junktion asks us to do)..u end up loosing money coz of 2 NZ$..

lets take the odel which Affiliate junktion Asks us to follow..
1-promote through own website(conversion rate is horrific coz people have to click two times before landing up to sign up page)
2- bid for 0.20-0.35 US$..u need to have atleast one sign up every 8 or 10 clicks to be in a no profit no loss situation..well, one every 10 clicks reach the sign up page if u r using ur own website to promote Affiliate guess where u r going

so u see..if u r lucky u can be in profit but the profit margin is very very thin.advertising on adwords for Affiliate junktion can be a risky business..

solution: free classified sites!! if you know any..and have time

do visit
if u wana quit smoking, or share your exp

Johny said...

I don't have any issues with getting clicks. My cpc on google is around $0.25 and is working out fine. Are you uusing the keyword software at all? This helped me to reduce CPC (cost per click) and increase the amount of visitors to my site. I don't see too many people advertising aj on google and believe me the world of internet is BIG!! Billions of people are surfin the net every day for this kind of stuff and hundreds of thousands are coming new to the internet each day. In my opinion, there will always be prospects! Good luck guys!

Tekno Boy said...

Johny (or is that Michael)...
My bid is set to $0.26, I've included 5 different countries and have over 125 keywords (using the keyword tool) and... NOT ONE CLICK (yes the ad campaign is turned on). I also have 4 different ads, (and I used to work in advertising, so they can't be all that bad)

Sure there is always a chance of good prospects, but... I can't seem to get any at the moment.

Don't work for Affiliate Junktion do you? :)

Anonymous said...

I would increase more keywords. I have more then 600+ now. Yes, I do work with Affiliate Junction but no, not michael davies unfortunately. That would have been nice wouldn't it?

kreka000 said...

tekno boy you should advertise in whole world not just 5 countries and
you should have at least 1000 keywords, max. cpc should be $0,10 and than you could expect good results.

Valentina said...

I want to know how much else we have to pay aditional of $8.75?because I saw $100 more, and $17 also? what is total?
I thaught was only $85.75.