Sunday, June 14, 2015

My son's latest video about learning German, a departure from his video game vids #youtube #youtube @swordsprite

My Son normally likes to make video games videos for youtube like minecraft videos (here) or retro video games like this one about playing pitstop on an atari 2600.

Last weekend he departed from video games and decided to make a video showing basic German words. It's not that easy to understand, but he knows he needs to work on that. He hasn't really found what he wants to do appart from "make youtube videos". That's what he aspires to and I support him 100%.

He appreciates every 'like' he gets and jumps up and down with excitement when people subscribe, he has a good heart and just want's to make youtube videos which help people. Perhaps thats why his latest idea is to teach a bit of German. He is trilingual so if you want to learn a few basic German words please check out his latest video:


from Andrew Brett

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