Monday, December 1, 2014

#timelapse of the stripping down of a Triumph Herald engine #motor #triumphherald #oldskool

Great video! A time lapse of the stripping down of a Triumph Herald engine. At least I'm pretty sure it must be a Triumph Herald, I mean, I had at one time about four of them. I recognise the engine (which I also stripped and rebuilt just not with out help and not to this detail). The other tell-tail detail that it must be a Triumph Herald is that the bonnet which opens forward (and can be easily removed).

Anyway this brought back fond memories. I even painted my Herald engine in white and that exact same shade of blue. It was like I was looking back in time..

I also loved that fact that on the Triumph Herald you could easily remove the hard top with just a few bolts. many is the time we drove hurriedly home when it started to rain because I have removed the roof earlier that morning. Fun times.

from Andrew Brett

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