Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#Phtosop just got #pwned. 2D photo objects turned to photo-realistic 3D ready for animation.

Wholly (i.e. not partially) mother of a daughter (or son). This is Epic. Photoshop just got owned in a big way and I love it.

I've been 3D modelling and photo editing for the better part of twenty full years professionally and today I got exited out my pants.

Check out this program which will allow you to replace a 2d object in a photo with a 3D one. It take the information to create the lighten and material maps from information in the scene and user assistance and once the object is 3D full animation and photo manipulation on a new level is possible.

Brain exploded.

Take a look at the vid and get ready to never ever believe anything you see ever again.

from Andrew Brett

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