Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Holy shizzle. #Webdesign take note; A most inspiring web dev program indeed! Good job @macawco

This has to be the best web development tool ever. I must admit, I don't build websites this way, instead of html and CSS I use a CMS which takes care all of that for me. One of the reasons I do it that way is that there is no way to "deisgn" a web site like using illustrator or coreldraw. Or should I say there WAS no way previously. Many have tried to make a "wysiwyg" HTML/CSS editor but up until now they ALL had the wrong goals. They all tried to force the user to work within the confines HTML/CSS. Macaw seems to be built to allow the web designer to construct websites in the way they would with a graphic design program. Then Macaw builds the best code it can from that. Brilliant, well done!

from Andrew Brett

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