Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to export data from Joomla or Community Builder to mail merge and create address labels

OK. You want to export data from Community Manager for Joomla in order to print address labels right? Because they only have the customers address on them, you don’t need anything other than the name, street, post code (the usual address lable data), heck you probably already tried exporting data out of community builder using CB Juice and found that it can export the data but it’s not in an address label friendly way and it may not collate the date the way you want so…

Here is an alternative way of exporting you data from Joomla Community Builder in .csv to Mail Merge with Microsoft Word and make Address labels (it’s a bit messy but it will get you there).

from Andrew Brett Watson.com http://www.andrewbrettwatson.com/index.php/more/joomla-help/334-how-to-export-data-from-joomla-or-community-builder-to-mail-merge-and-create-address-labels


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