Monday, March 17, 2008

The Apple Mac sites absolutley everyone should know about (even some PC users).

Some great MAC sites to help you make the most of your MAC.

So if you've got yourself a shiny new Apple iMAC or want to dust of that old MAC and bring it back to life for the kids, here they are:

Here is a collection great MAC sites enjoy!

Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts for you MAC operating system? Here are the shorcuts for MAC OS X:
Apple MAC OS X shortcut list on
Productivity boosting shortcuts on the MAC

I love open source, and found this great list of best free and open source MAC apps:
Open Source MAC. They are really good, and truly free. Here's a longer list I like of great MAC apps.

You can also download some amazing shareware for the MAC. For some reason Apple users always seem to make better programs, nice to look at, easier to use and intuitive with great functionality. I always found that the actually best place to get some great free programs was via Apple's downloads page.

Here are some great Apple news and magazine sites:
Apple Insider
Mac Rumours
And for the latest Apple propaganda from Apple itself:

If you want to keep you MAC apps up to date, macupdate it's also a pretty cool place to find new apps because the list has ratings, and you know that the latest apps will work with Leopard. Or you can use an app called Appfresh.

Here's one for MAC and PC users. Do you know its possible to install MAC OS X on a PC? Don't tell me that all hackers are bad, checkout these sites.
OSx86 project wiki
If you decide to try it, you might need to visit this forum for some help.

You screen real estate is not fully utilized, here are some cool thing to put in the unused menubar space: Super OS X menu bar items

Want to 'hack your MAC' and make it cooler? If your comfortable with OS X's terminal, then heres the top 50 cool hacks you can do with terminal.

To make you MAC prettier and easier to use, change folder icons to represent whats in them (or simply to look cool). I find all my best icons here.

Got kids, heres a great kids drawing program for MAC OSX.

Did you know that when you install modern programs on MAC OS X that the programs contain code for both the Intel MACs and the older Power MACs still running MAC OS X? Heres a hand application to slim down those programs and also eliminate unwanted language file etc to save hard disk space and increase performance: Xslimmer

You can never have too many MAC fonts right? If you want some cool script to help automate things, try these: Better living through MAC scripts.

For old abandonware for a variety of older MAC hardware: Macintosh Garden - Mac abandonware.

If you need to download torrent files, you probably already know about MAC torrent apps like:
xtorrent or Transmission (allot of people use this one) or Bitrocket.

Want an alternative to front row, thats designed more towards people who don't only download via iTunes? Take a look and see if Center Stage is for you.

Love all things MAC? including old macs and nostalgia? Try some of these old MAC ads!

Aren't some (if not all) of those MAC vs PC ads funny? Have you seen the ones from England? They use different actors and some different themes. If you've forgotten, the American Mac vs PC ads are here.

This skitch app looks nice, I might try it out.

--have I forgotten anything cool? make a comment!

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